We distinguish ourselves in the public sector. For educational institutions, we do that through our sister organisation Govers Onderwijs Accountants. For example, government agencies, community organisations or organisations in the health care we do offer the expertise service with help of our specialists from the Public Sector Desk. 

The public sector includes many different types of organisation. Important social issues such as market forces, cooperation and economies of scale are current topics. But also the changing society, a population that gets older, automation, sustainability and transparency have become key concepts. Themes in specific sub-sectors of the public landscape that need specific attention. For educational institutions, we do that through our sister organisation Wijs Accountants

Cuts and comprehensive regulation

An important common denominator is that the public sector is facing ever new cuts. The coming years will be no different. In addition, social institutions as well as businesses and institutions in the public sector face changing regulations year after year. These developments have a major impact on your organisation.

What can we do for you?

Our specialists will gladly help to a timely response to current changes. To prepare you or your organisation for important themes for the upcoming years. We can provide solid accounting and audit engagements as well as tax advisory services.

Marc   Melters

Marc Melters

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