We have extensive experience with clients who are active in the brain port area. With suppliers for the Hight-Tech OEM's such as ASML and Philips, or companies that develop their own products with a high sence of technology, produce and sell the products.

In the High-Tech sector it is typical that the companies develop itself rapidly. It all begins with idea, it turns into a business. It starts with a small business with no employees, but soon turns into a company having management structures.

The High-Tech sector also has its own characteristics when it comes to the field of financing structures and liquidity needs. That makes it necessary to be able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. The business model needs to connect to these specific charactaristics. The question whether production should be kept in-house or should be outsourced, so that the focus of the company can entirely lay in (further) development of the products, is more relevant then ever. 

With our years of experience and our strong presence in the heart of the Brainport area, we know exactly what the current developments in the sector are and how to respond to them. 

Paul   Mencke

Paul Mencke

High-Tech, Family businesses

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