The HARRĀ®-analysis method

Govers has a unique method tot evaluate the performance of companies based on their numbers. In short the method works as follows.

Added value
Analysis model
Business preformance

The analysis starts with determining the value creation in the year that is being analysed. We call this the added value.

The power of the HARR-analysis is that:

  • The analysis itself is easy (and understandable), but it can provide a company with a lot of economic insights.
  • Added value is the keyfactor in this model, this is in accordance with the value chain modal as pioneered by Porter.
  • The model focuses on the improvement of the productivity of the company. Labor productivity gets special attention in this analyses.
  • It supplies you with relevant insights into the relationship between the different cost sorts your company faces.
  • It uses the same principles as the most widely used financial benchmarks.
  • It facilitates a strategical reorientation of the company before results start to decline or a decline of the financial assets.  
  • It allows the company to see relationships between the financial statements and the operational activities and ambitions of the company.

And this all can be done on the back of an envelope.
To empahsize that this all can be done on the back of an envelope we developed a set of eight beer mats that show the essence of the HARR-analysis.

Interested? Mail your name and adress to Paul Mencke ( and we will sent you a set of these beer mats.

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