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The food & retail sector is changing rapidly. The influence of the Internet in recent years begins to be really clear. As a result, more and more shops are empty in the shopping districts of large cities. Traditionally organised companies have found it increasingly difficult to maintain their profitability levels.

The food & retail sector need to adjust to new market requests. Companies in the sector need to respond to the perception of the consumer, but also by making use of the possibilities these days. This ensures that many new companies successfully storm the market. The traditional shop is facing more competition from the Internetshops. In many cases the internet shop will turn into the primary sales channel for companies in the sector.

Adjusting the business model?

For traditional companies this development means that they will have to stay alert to the question whether or not their business model is still up to date. They have to be aware if contracts for rental buildings can be terminated when needed and whether there is sufficient flexibility in the support departments of the company to implement changes in the company. Internationalisation is a major theme.

Consumers want 'fair' food

Regarding the food sector, we find that confidence in food is a major theme. Recent scandals result in consumers being more critical on nutrition. Manufacturers are challenged to regain that confidence. The expectations of consumers are also high when it comes to the field of sustainability. Companies in the sector will have to be able to respond to these needs. This applies to the entire chain. Another important question is how organizations cope with the volatility of raw materials. Such issues are part of the increasing need to pay attention to the supply chain strategy. In the retail sector the mobilization and combination of sales beome an increasingly important theme.

Start-up companies in this sector face the same challenges. Building a good Internet platform is a challenge itself, but getting in touch with the customers in an already crowded internet landscape, is probably even more difficult. 

All these issues have a significant financial background. The budget and liquidity needs are an example. Considerations about On maintai the staff and the flexibility you need are important. Issues where we can support you, where we can help you to be a successful entrepeneur or to stay so. 

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Marc Melters

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