Family owned businesses

Family owned businesses, often led by a director who is also a (major) shareholder. In the Province of Noth-Brabant there are many to find. These companies have their own dynamics. Often having a long history. A history to be proud of. We are glad to be able to work together with lots of those companies and to be able to help them towards a successful future.

An important difference between family owned businesses and other businesses or organisations is the commitment to the company. This commitment is felt by both the owner and the employees. Employees often come from the near neighbourhood of the company. This often creates a high degree of mutual loyalty. In good times, but also in bad times.

A characteristic of family owned businesses is that, in general, there are no extensive layers of management. Decisions are made in rapidly. This makes family businesses are often able to respond quickly to market changes.

An other issue typical for family owned businesses is the issue of business succession (usually within the family), but also the management of risks in private for the director / major shareholder.

We gladly share our knowledge and experience with family owned businesses from all over the world, having a company within the Netherlands.

Cyril   Castelijns

Cyril Castelijns

Family businesses, Construction & real estate

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