Educational institutions and childcare organizations create social added value and hold a central position in our society. This makes the education sector one of the most important pillars of our society.

The education sector is constantly changing because educational organizations have to respond to social needs and issues. Educational institutions are seen as social enterprises that must be transparent in their use of public resources and the quality of the (primary) process. In this respect, the focus on intensive collaborations among educational institutions and childcare organizations keeps increasing. This is accompanied by an annual changing of the already complex laws and regulations. These factors together call for a professional organization active in this broad range of  fields.

Education sector in motion

As a result of the continuous changes in the education sector, important spearheads from the perspective of an administrative organization are public accountability, governance and risk management. Taxation is becoming increasingly important for educational- and childcare organizations.

In addition to its regular statutory core task - providing quality education - many educational institutions are starting to carry out additional activities, whether or not by entering into partnerships both within and outside the education sector. Consider, for example, partnerships in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIntegral Child Centers or Suitable Education. Setting up these activities can give rise to a variety of tax consequences. Some examples of this are the choice of a legal form for the partnership, the secondment of staff and the intercompany charging of costs.

Making sure your organization is in control of taxation is becoming increasingly important. Corporate tax liability, VAT consequences in case of hiring, secondment or recharges, wage tax with respect to employment relationships such as the Supervisory Board, self-employed persons or volunteers are just examples of tax issues for educational organizations and childcare.

If educational institutions want to anticipate future risks and opportunities resulting from these developments, expert support is indispensable nowadays.

What can we do for you?

The specialists of the Educational Institutions knowledge team of Govers Accountants / Advisors are  available to help educational institutions gain more control- and to stay ‘in control’ of their taxes, to identify risks in time and to take advantage of opportunities. The knowledge team consists of a group of professionals with a strong relationship with education and childcare. Our extensive tax expertise and services include:

  • Tax analyses (VAT, Corporate income tax, payroll taxes, tax management);
  • Tax policy plan for internal control;
  • Assistance in case of a tax audit;
  • Implementation of the Tax Control Framework (TCF);
  • Collaborations with childcare (BSO, in-between school care, day care);
  • Partnerships for suitable education;
  • Secondment of personnel;
  • Allocation of costs;
  • Tax consequences with respect to real estate;
  • The right to deduct VAT;
  • Corporate income tax liability;
  • Declarations of (Dutch) corporation tax, VAT and payroll taxes;
  • Work related expense scheme (‘WKR’);
  • Fiscal position volunteers, trainees, freelancers and/or the Supervisory Board;
  • ANBI status;
  • Choice of legal form and restructuring;
  • Subsidies.

Our method

If you are interested in our services, we would like to introduce ourselves to you during a free introductory meeting. With your own personal method you can discuss with us your wishes, issues and needs in detail. This allows us to efficiently advise you on a customized solution for your specific situation. To promote transparency, we work with a single point of contact within our Educational Institutes knowledge team, whom you can ask all of your questions. Combined with our expertise, this clear and accessible method guarantees the best solution for your educational institution.

Thomas  Neijzen

Thomas Neijzen

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