Payroll administration

The wages of the personnel in your company have to be correct and compliant with all laws and regulations. Of course you never want to be surprised by errors in the payroll. This requires specific knowledge and experience.

ANB: the specialist in the field of payroll

The services in the field of payroll administration for the clients of Govers are carried out by its 100% sister company "Adminstratie en Adviesburo Noord-Brabant B.V. (ANB). This company has developed itself into a leading specialist in the field of payroll administration. ANB provides the payroll of approximately 3,200 companies spread across the country and over various sectors. ANB takes care of your entire payroll administration. You provide your data on a monthly basis by email or telephone, or enter them yourself on our website. ANB will process the data and provide the payslips, the administration journal, and the tax declaration within two working days.