Setting up a business or establishing a branch in the Netherlands

It is common for foreign companies to start activities in the Netherlands. Among many entrepreneurs questions exist regarding how to go about doing business- or making investments in the Netherlands. We will gladly guide you through the process.

In the initial phase, for example, we often see that the Dutch branch has a sales and / or service function. Over time it may grow and become a full-fledged branch with, for example, a production facility. Questions we commonly get asked in this context are:

  • How can we, as a foreign company, structure our activities or investment in the Netherlands?
  • What are the tax consequences and the most important differences between a Dutch permanent establishment and a Dutch private limited company (B.V.)?
  • Which Dutch taxes do we face as a foreign company?
  • Is it possible to distribute profits to the foreign parent company without paying Dutch dividend withholding tax and other withholding taxes?
  • Does our Dutch branch have the obligation to prepare its own annual accounts?
  • When are the submission periods for the Dutch corporate income tax, VAT and payroll tax return?
  • What other types of compliance or registration obligations exist in the Netherlands?
  • What are the obligations for incoming employees / expats?

The answer to the previous questions often depends on the current situation of the company. For instance in which country the parent company is based and how its activities are structured. Govers can advise you in this respect as well as with respect to other international issues.

A general overview with explanations of the most important aspects of doing business in the Netherlands can found in our brochure "Doing Business In the Netherlands". If you have more specific questions, please contact one of our specialists from our international desk.

Tax compliance / outsourcing

We are available to help you take care of the payroll administration, payrolling, accounting, the various tax returns, and the composition and/or audit of the annual accounts of any Dutch entities. Together we can assure that you are ‘in control’ when it comes to your Dutch tax compliance- and tax reporting obligations.

If you have questions about international business, you can contact our specialists from the international desk to discuss or schedule a free meeting without any obligations.

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