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The construction industry in The Netherlans has faced major losses in recent years. Due to a collapse of the housing market. A sound financial policy and control over finances is more than ever important. We can help you. With our knowledge of project management and clear analysis of your results.

With the current developments in the construction industry and with a specific focus on the construction companies, we continue to push our limits with respect to acquiring knowledge. Companies in the sector need to focus on results. We don't want to compare our customers with industry averages. We want them to compete with the best in their industry. For this, we regularly carry out surveys of developments and trends in specific markets. We include self designed tools to compare company performance with industry peers and elaborate on the predictive power.

Management of the project

Results of construction companies is explained by a combination of project results and the capacity result (capacity utilization) or less general costs (GC). We like to follow the development of the expectations of earnings per project per quarter. 

With our analyzes we will take a closer look at why companies (compared to its competitors) outperform other companies. We strive for enterprises to timely identify a strategic crisis, leaving plenty of time and opportunity for entrepreneurs to adjust. Creating a strategic crisis is very important to prevent the subsequent profit or liquidity crisis.

We would like to outline our vision for your company and we encourage you to be among the select group that constantly seeks early opportunities to improve the business model and supports the development to go there.

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Kachung Tau

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