Corporate Tax and Tax advice

Changes in the tax laws that may affect your tax position are made every year. Whether it's concerns your income tax, corporation tax, dividend tax or inheritance tax declaration, we know what the impact is for you and what to do about it, to minimise the negative results, or optimise the possibilities!

Our added value

Would you like to know how to apply the tax rules in order to take maximum advantage of tax benefits? If you are unsure whether a change will affect your tax return or do you get lost in the complexity of the rules? We can help. 

Tax advice

Good tax advice can save you lots of money. Whether it's for business or for your personal situation. Of course, it starts to be aware of the tax rules. A tax advisor can help further. Our professionals are experts in:

  • Specific guidance for entrepreneurs
  • Issues concerning VAT, import duties and payroll taxes
  • Tax counselling for nonprofit organisations
  • Tax matters innovative sector (think of the WBSO, innovation box, RDA, VAMIL, MIA, EIA, etc.)
  • Estate planning and wealth structuring
  • Pension issues
  • International tax

Doing business on an international scale is very normal nowadays. The optimisation of the (tax) structure of your company is very important when doing business on an international scale. Companies can exploit the opportunities that are available. We have experience in international tax law and if necessary we can enlist the help of our colleagues from UHY partnership.

Bas  Pijnaker

Bas Pijnaker

Family businesses, Manufacturing industry

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