Restructuring, mergers and acquisition

Making growth possible, applying structure to spread risks or to start new developments, development in tax matters or preparing your company for a takeover. In these situations it can be wise to revise the structure of your company.


Restructuring your company can have a major impact on your organization. Above all, it is important to keep (or bring) the structure of your company in line with the requirements of our time. This means that it is wise to regularly exchange ideas with your adviser about the future. About your plans and goals and about your personal future. Together with you, we can ensure that the structure of your company is ready for all of it.

Merger and Acquisition Support

For the expansion of your activities, for growth or just to secure the future of the company, you can be looking for a suitable company to take over or for a candidate suitable to take over your company. Govers has a team of expert advisers and business experts who can provide guidance to your company in a purchase- or sales trajectory. If necessary, we will call in our colleagues of De Beemd Corporate Finance. In times of liquidity pressure or acute liquidity squeeze, we can provide you with a pragmatic plan. In addition, we focus on attracting venture capital and financial feasibility studies.

Our clients

We mainly work with medium and larger sized companies and public institutions. With our broad network, extensive experience and specialist knowledge, we are able to prepare your company for the next phase.

Paul   Mencke

Paul Mencke

High-Tech, Family businesses

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