Business Succession

In the career of every entrepreneur, the issue of business succession generally comes up at least once. Either by succession within the family, or by selling your business to a third party.

Transferring your business; Many factors to consider

In many cases business succession can be an emotional process. You have made the decision that it is time to transfer your company, which you have been building for years and have worked hard for. Whether your business stays within the family or not, saying goodbye to your company and your employees needs to be done carefully. You want to be sure that you leave your company in good hands. With our years of experience in this field we understand that like no other. Our advisers will assist you and your family with the supervision of this process as well and as timely as possible.

Family succession is not always possible or the preferred option from a business perspective. Succession by the company’s management or by a third party can then be part of the solution. Govers will help you accomplish a strong continuation of your company.

A well-founded valuation

If you plan to transfer your business to the new generation within your family, there is a possibility to use the so-called ‘business succession facility’ (the BOF). This facility allows for a transfer of your business to the younger generation without gift- or inheritance tax. But first, you (among other things) will have to reach an agreement with the Dutch tax authorities with respect to the value of the company.

Even if you want to transfer your company to a third party, it is important to know what the value of your company is and that we can guide you through the entire sales process. Together with our own advisors, our colleagues at De Beemd Corporate Finance can assist you with preparing your business for sale, drafting a well-founded valuation report, searching a suitable acquisition partner and with  negotiations with a potential buyer.

Bas  Pijnaker

Bas Pijnaker

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