Business Finance

For you as an entrepreneur, the financing of your company is a constant point of attention. You have the vision, our advisors provide adequate support to convince financing institutions and guide you through the application process.

Financing applications

Banks must always comply with new and stricter laws and regulations. They must spread risks. As a result, business financing can often only be realized if different providers of capital are brought together. By combining the various financing options and financing providers, the total financing needs of the company can be fulfilled. The accountants and advisors of Govers have the knowledge, expertise and the network to fill your needs in detail. Think of:

  • Financing growth and working capital
  • Financing the investment need
  • Refinancing of the company
  • Power gain and recapitalization
  • Takeover financing
  • Real estate financing

What can we do for you

Grant yourself timely support by one of the specialists from Govers Accountants / Adviseurs. We know "the market" and will assist you from the orientation phase up to and including the conclusion of the agreement.


Paul   Mencke

Paul Mencke

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