Your financial data in good hands

For some companies and entrepreneurs, the preparation of the financial statements is of great importance. Other entrepreneurs have a very good feeling and understanding of financial reporting. As a result the financial statements will only be a confirmation of what you already expected. And off course it is also possible that you find the preparation of the financial statements a mandatory part of doing business.

The recent past as the basis for a bright future

The financial statements need to be aggregated, the corporate tax return has to be submitted and your annual accounts have to be published in time at the Chamber of Commerce. We think it is important that we maximise the care of all these activities and take away the worries for it from you. For example by designing our internal processes optimally. But also by making good appointments with you. We ensure that you can spend your time on what you are doing best: being an entrepreneur!

The financial statements give a look back at the recent past. What has happened in the past year and what has been the financial impact of positive or negative events? In our opinion this is important information. But nothing more than that. It is information from the past, and an entrepreneur should be busy with the current situation and with the future. What are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of you and how to respond to them? How can this be financed? These are examples of the questions that we would like to talk about and in which we want to support you.

Want to outsource your bookkeeping?

If you would like to outsource your entire bookkeeping or want to use an Internet bookkeeping program, our sister organisation ANB is able to help you. They are able to take care of your entire bookkeeping or to support you in setting up an Internet bookkeeping administration. 

Paul   Mencke

Paul Mencke

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